Blaine has been apart of the Gypsy Pearl Studio family since a few days old and we were so happy to see him for his One year old session. We had a blast at Camp Ben with some beautiful family shots and then headed to the homestead for some cute pickup truck pictures and a cake smash. All he wanted was his cake and as you can see he loved every piece of it.

Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2065Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2066Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2067Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2068Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2069Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2070Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2071Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2072Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2073Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2074Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2075Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2076Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2077Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2078Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2079Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2080Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2081Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2082Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2083Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2084Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2085Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2086Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2087Dripping Springs One Year Photography_2088



Dripping Springs One Year Photography | Blaine

Bunnies, an old truck and vintage cameras…. The Fewox family is everything cute. I loved this session and even though we had a few rain drops it didn’t put a damper on lot of smiles from the girls. They played with the bunnies, chased the chickens around and were a joy to photograph. Enjoy, Amy

Driftwood Family Photography_1957Driftwood Family Photography_1958Driftwood Family Photography_1959Driftwood Family Photography_1960Driftwood Family Photography_1961Driftwood Family Photography_1962Driftwood Family Photography_1963Driftwood Family Photography_1964Driftwood Family Photography_1965Driftwood Family Photography_1966Driftwood Family Photography_1967Driftwood Family Photography_1968Driftwood Family Photography_1969Driftwood Family Photography_1970Driftwood Family Photography_1971Driftwood Family Photography_1972




Driftwood Family Photography

The DellaSala Family is just simply amazing. I had so much fun taking their family photos at Camp Ben. With recent rains the Camp was lush with greenery.  I had so much fun the Ryan, Caden and Austin. This is such a beautiful family inside and out. Enjoy, Pearl.

Dripping Springs Family Photography_1908Dripping Springs Family Photography_1909Dripping Springs Family Photography_1910Dripping Springs Family Photography_1911Dripping Springs Family Photography_1912Dripping Springs Family Photography_1913Dripping Springs Family Photography_1914Dripping Springs Family Photography_1915Dripping Springs Family Photography_1916Dripping Springs Family Photography_1917Dripping Springs Family Photography_1918Dripping Springs Family Photography_1919Dripping Springs Family Photography_1920Dripping Springs Family Photography_1921Dripping Springs Family Photography_1922Dripping Springs Family Photography_1923Dripping Springs Family Photography_1924Dripping Springs Family Photography_1925Dripping Springs Family Photography | The DellaSala Family

The Garcia Family has been apart of the Gypsy Pearl Studio family before Mom and Dad tied the knot. Soon came Lola and she is simply adorable. She is smart, curious and learning to speed walk. We set up a cute tent and antique chair for her and also had her in the classic truck and airstream. This session was so much fun because Lola totally knows how to work the camera. Enjoy, Pearl.

Backyard Glamping Photography_1893Backyard Glamping Photography_1894Backyard Glamping Photography_1895Backyard Glamping Photography_1896Backyard Glamping Photography_1897Backyard Glamping Photography_1898Backyard Glamping Photography_1899Backyard Glamping Photography_1900Backyard Glamping Photography_1901Backyard Glamping Photography_1902Backyard Glamping Photography_1903Backyard Glamping Photography_1904Backyard Glamping Photography_1905Backyard Glamping Photography_1906Backyard Glamping Photography_1907

Backyard Glamping Photography | The Garcia Family

An up and coming singer/songwriter Katy Mckenzie is bursting with talent. I was honored to once again be able to photograph this gorgeous lady. We mixed it up a bit by using an old vintage truck and restored Airstream and the sunset was amazing.  Enjoy, Pearl.

Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1818Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1819Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1820Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1821Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1822Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1823Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1824Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1825Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1826Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1827Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1828Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1829Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1830Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1831Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1832Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1833Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1834Dripping Springs Senior Photography_1835


To here some of her music follow her on instagram @thewanderingbohogypsy

Dripping Springs Senior Photography | Katy

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