Whitney is beautiful inside and out and will be welcoming her son, Casey Jr., in October. Her husband Casey and her will be first time parents and both are amazing people. I was truly honored and grateful to be able to work with Whitney once again in capturing such sweet and special moments. We photographed out at Camp Ben in Driftwood, Texas. The sun was beautiful and the clouds surrounded us. We used several gorgeous scarves and a sheer dress to show off her gorgeous baby bump. All images were shot on the Canon Mark III with the 70-200mm Lens. Enjoy, Pearl.

Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1524Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1525Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1526Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1527Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1528Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1529Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1530Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1531Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1532Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1533Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1534Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1535Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1536Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1537Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1538Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1539Dripping Springs Maternity Photography_1540Dripping Springs Maternity Photography

Dripping Springs Family Photography | Ewald-Freeman Family

The Ewald and Freeman family have been apart of the Gypsy Pearl Studio family for many years. They ventured to Driftwood, a small town outside of Dripping Springs, to take their family pictures this year. The gorgeous sunsets at Camp Ben were perfect and it was open enough for the little ones to play and roam in between shots. Both families are amazing and loved shooting their newest addition Maci as well as another one on the way. Enjoy, Pearl.

Dripping Springs Family Photography_1477Dripping Springs Family Photography_1478Dripping Springs Family Photography_1479Dripping Springs Family Photography_1480Dripping Springs Family Photography_1481Dripping Springs Family Photography_1482Dripping Springs Family Photography_1483Dripping Springs Family Photography_1484Dripping Springs Family Photography_1485Dripping Springs Family Photography_1486Dripping Springs Family Photography_1487Dripping Springs Family Photography_1488Dripping Springs Family Photography_1489Dripping Springs Family Photography_1490Dripping Springs Family Photography_1491Dripping Springs Family Photography_1492Dripping Springs Family Photography_1493Dripping Springs Family Photography_1494Dripping Springs Family Photography_1495Dripping Springs Family Photography_1496Dripping Springs Family Photography


Dripping Springs Photography | Avery Turns Three

Avery, or “Lil Kitty” has been apart of the Gypsy Pearl Studio family since 11 days old. She turns three next week and it seems like each time I see her she brings even more cuteness to the set. She simply is one of those children who brightens up the room with her smile. Her bright blue eyes and gorgeous blonde hair make for a photographers dream come true. Turning three is a big thing, so I wanted to photograph with that in mind. We decided to photograph in a 1956 Ford F-100 with the bunny Lola. We then photographed in the 1956 Vintage Airstream. She found a camera and old typewriter and the rest was history. I promise she is going to be an artist of some sort when she grows up. I hope you enjoy, Pearl.

Dripping Springs Photography_1456Dripping Springs Photography_1457Dripping Springs Photography_1458Dripping Springs Photography_1459Dripping Springs Photography_1460Dripping Springs Photography_1461Dripping Springs Photography_1462Dripping Springs Photography_1463Dripping Springs Photography_1464Dripping Springs Photography_1465Dripping Springs Photography_1466Dripping Springs Photography_1467Dripping Springs Photography_1468Dripping Springs Photography_1469Dripping Springs Photography_1470Dripping Springs Photography_1471Dripping Springs Photography_1472Dripping Springs Photography_1473Dripping Springs Photography_1474Dripping Springs Photography_1475Dripping Springs Photography_1476Dripping Springs Photography

Melrose Family | Lakeside Family Session Austin, Texas

GiGi, Joel, Jack and I had the perfect date on a Friday evening. This perfect little family is full of fun, laughter and adventure. Jack and his cute Golden Retriever, Bundy, were so cute as they raced down the running trail in down town Austin. We got some great shots on the grassy knoll and finished the session with a beautiful sunset family shoot on the dock. Enjoy, Gypsy Pearl.

Austin Famiy Photographer_1133Austin Famiy Photographer_1134Austin Famiy Photographer_1135Austin Famiy Photographer_1136Austin Famiy Photographer_1137Austin Famiy Photographer_1138Austin Famiy Photographer_1139Austin Famiy Photographer_1140Austin Famiy Photographer_1141Austin Famiy Photographer_1142Austin Famiy Photographer_1143Austin Famiy Photographer_1144Austin Famiy Photographer_1145Austin Famiy Photographer_1146Austin Famiy Photographer_1147Austin Famiy Photographer_1148Austin Famiy Photographer_1149Austin Famiy Photographer_1150Austin Famiy Photographer_1151Austin Famiy Photographer_1152Austin Famiy Photographer_1153Austin Famiy Photographer_1154Austin Famiy Photographer_1155Austin Famiy Photographer_1156Austin Famiy Photographer_1157Austin Famiy Photographer_1158Austin Famiy Photographer_1159Austin Famiy Photographer_1160Austin Famiy Photographer_1161Austin Famiy Photographer_1162Austin Famiy Photographer_1163Austin Famiy Photographer_1164Austin Famiy Photographer_1165Austin Famiy Photographer_1166Austin Famiy Photographer_1167WAustin Famiy Photographer_1168Austin Famiy Photographer_1169Austin Famiy Photographer_1170

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