Hill Country Kids Tri | Kids Triathlon Series

Last year I volunteered for the Hill Country Kids Triathtlon. I had such an amazing time photographing this event two years in a row. If you are looking for motivation, adorableness and fun this is the place to volunteer and race. This great series is put on by numerous volunteers and headed by Kathy Rainey. Logistics, organization and the course are amazing. All of the sponsors and volunteers were friendly and very helpful. Having competed in numerous Ironman’s it was so refreshing to be able to photograph all of the young athletes. I hope you enjoy!

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Laurie, Jeff and Harper are expecting an addition to there already adorable family. Baby Soukup will be making her arrival in a few weeks and Harper is going to be the best little sister. An early morning sessions was held at the always beautiful Camp Ben McCullough. Laurie was glowing in her Club Monaco gown and I was all smiles and so honored to be able to photograph this beautiful family. Enjoy, Gypsy Pearl

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Knox and Ricki in the Studio

These two couldn’t be more cuter, and Knox definitely hammed it up for the camera. I loved photographing Knox and so when baby Ricki was born we knew we had to get these two together for a session. So much love to these two families. Enjoy, Pearl

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Dustbowl Styled Summer with Magnolia Pearl

Loved this styled shoot with Magnolia Pearl Clothing. Their Summer line is simply breathtaking in every way. The fabric, crocheted pieces, the hand stitching and feel of this clothing makes it beautiful in every way.  To purchase any pieces check them out here: Magnolia Pearl. Robin Brown’s home in Fredericksburg was the backdrop and the MP family did an amazing job drawing inspiration from the Dustbowl era to bring this shoot to life. Enjoy, Gypsy Pearl Studio

Memory Lane Wedding_0340Magnolia Pearl_0341Magnolia Pearl_0342Magnolia Pearl_0344Magnolia Pearl_0345Magnolia Pearl_0346Magnolia Pearl_0347Magnolia Pearl_0348Magnolia Pearl_0349Magnolia Pearl_0350Magnolia Pearl_0351Magnolia Pearl_0352Magnolia Pearl_0353Magnolia Pearl_0354Magnolia Pearl_0355Magnolia Pearl_0356Magnolia Pearl_0357Magnolia Pearl_0358Magnolia Pearl_0359Magnolia Pearl_0360Magnolia Pearl_0361Magnolia Pearl_0362Magnolia Pearl_0363Magnolia Pearl_0364Magnolia Pearl_0365Magnolia Pearl_0366Magnolia Pearl_0367Magnolia Pearl_0368Magnolia Pearl_0369Magnolia Pearl_0370Magnolia Pearl_0371Magnolia Pearl_0372Magnolia Pearl_0373Magnolia Pearl_0374Magnolia Pearl_0375Magnolia Pearl_0376Magnolia Pearl_0377Magnolia Pearl_0378Magnolia Pearl_0379Magnolia Pearl_0380Magnolia Pearl_0381





Summer Baby | Axel 1 month Old Dripping Springs
When our very good friend, Laura and husband Tanner, welcomed baby Axel in to this world we thought no better gift than to celebrate his 1 month old birthday with a Gypsy Pearl Studio session. He slept the whole time and was so adorable and sweet. Enjoy the family session of this beautiful family. Cheers, GPS

untitled-15Baby Axel (41 of 128)Baby Axel (19 of 128)Baby Axel (25 of 128) copyBaby Axel (43 of 128) copyBaby Axel (70 of 128) copyBaby Axel (83 of 128) copyBaby Axel (112 of 128) copyBaby Axel (123 of 128)Baby Axel (126 of 128)


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